Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Summer time update

Not much happening at the moment. I am still hoping to get a commission from brick company, but it is summer so suspect everyone is either busy or on holiday.

Also frustrating because we have had to close our gallery(AOB) in Accrington, as a new tenant has shown an interest in the building. The building is now empty, as change of use planning permission is required. We have been told there are no other suitable places in town, a bit odd as there are a lot, yes a lot of empty properties. One I know of has been empty for over 5 years, and I actually had a look at it 5 years ago as a possible place for another project.

We have shown that an art gallery actually attracts a lot of interest in Accrington, so am hoping somewhere else will turn up.

The town market is too quiet(and sometimes even too hot), so am considering whether it is worth continuing to have a workshop/studio there.

Apart from the paper bricks, I am mainly interested in designing my railway models for 3D printing. This is mainly computer based, so can be done from home.

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