Sunday, 26 February 2012

Nearly another month gone!!

I was never any good at keeping a diary, and I don't seem to be much better maintaining this blog.
Can't put it off again.
Attended Haworth Artists Network meeting today up at the Haworth Gallery. There is a new exhibition starting so it was a chance to catch up on that.
The meeting went OK, with some positive ideas. I tried to push Accrington Market as a place to have an artist studio. Still seem to be lots of people unaware, but I would like to see it filled with artists. Costs are about on a par with other studio space, with the advantage of it being accessable by the public. It also works with the Haworth Gallery, acting as an aditional art gallery for the Haworth.
Lots of exhibitions planned for next 12 months. I should dig out the list and start promoting them here, but in the mean time anyone reading this, please visit the Haworth Gallery, but check out when it is open, and come into Accrington Market and vist upstairs. I am there most days, except Sundays and Wednesdays. I might start being there more often, if it attacts more people. Accrington is no longer an art blackspot. It is a very inspirational place to live and work.
I must sort out some pictures to post.
I visited France at start of February, possibly the coldest I have known it. Next Winter I am not going unless I have wood burning stoves in the house.
Just look at the frozen water on the fountain in Paradou in Provence near to where my brother lives.
According to my brother the temperature went down to minus 15. Fortunately in my house in St Pons, the temperature inside did not record less than zero. We had no snow but just up in the mountains there was some. The roads were clear luckily because of the amount of local road traffic on main roads.

Not going down till after Easter, so hopefully it will be warmer then.
Must get on with my artwork. Space is limited in studio, so started doing some of the small postcard sized mouldings for my model railways. I have selected more British looking ones, whch I hope can be sold to other model makers. I have even used a different colour on the demo models(ie NOT blue for doors)