Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Fit for a Queen

In time for the Queen's visit to Accrington, I have expanded into a bigger unit in Accrington market. The old unit was nice, but I had (over) filled it, and it as not possible to work properly.
The move was only to next door unit, W6 which is twice as big.

This gives me two distinctive sections.
1 - the display/cafe area, which is nice and open(for the time being)

2 - Workshop, more functional, and probably cluttered section
Unfortunate it is not expected that the Queen will walk past, as the balconies are not really big enough for all the people, and there will be invited guests there on the day. Hopefully I shall be up there as well.
I am also hoping that with all the media attention, the visit will be good for both Accrington and Recreation21.

With all the events going on this summeer, I have moved away from my French themed work, and found inspiration in the Union Jack, and combined it with something that made Accrington famous, namely bicks. I have created various art pieces with this combined theme.These are  initially for the Jubilee exhibition, but using my 'postcard' sized mould have created a Union Jack mould. This has been overlaid with a brick pattern, both horozontal and vertical, to create Accrington Jacks, which are to be sold in the unit. It is also planned to produce some in conjunction with the new Hyndburn museum, to help them raise funds.