Saturday, 5 November 2011

Back after a while

Been busy since last post, created a lot more artwork and tried out some new ideas.And been down to france again, then the weather got a lot worse and it is dark in the evenings.

Experimenting with creating sunflowers as border
One thing I have found is that the workshop/studio/shop seems to be getting smaller
So I am creating greeting and christmas cards based on the postcard size
Adding the card backing dod not work very well, so now just painting back while. These fit easily in jiffy bags and go though post OK. I now display some outside workshop

Using my cookie cutters I have also started making Christmas decorations to sell, The string is made from plastic/metal crisp bags.
Also something bigger to go on wall
Using this seed tray size, I have also created some notice boards

This is how they look before painting and decoration, and finally something not specifically for Christmas, although the message is one spread at this time of year
By pressing the still wet letters into the wet base, they stick together without glue, so I am now testing this idea with some postcard size items, using various shapes. 

No photos but one of my big pictures has been accepted for Howarth Open. Hopefully this will leed onto to more opportunities.