Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Mid Winter tidy up

Almost Christmas and seemed a good time to smarten up the unit.
I wanted to bring my Port d'√Čtropal model layout into the unit. It is big, loud and will attract attention. It only just fitted in. A good time to sort through helving etc. The smaller layout would go where my work table was. This would also make it easier to take out for displays.

A lot to think about for 2012. I am working a project which should hopefully put Accrington on the Art map. Inspired by the Manchester cows a few years ago, I wanted something along similar lines for Accrington. At an art market we had downstairs in market, whilst talking to friends., someone mentioned Bristol having gorillas, so I thought Accrington, Acorns, Squirrels. And they would be Red Squirrels dressed to represent all that Accrington should be proud of, from Accrington Stanley to Tiffany Glass at the Haworth.
Second project is to adapt my France inspired artwork to something inspired by Accrington.
Only have to look at some of the old buildings and there is plenty of inspiration in the variety of windows and doors.

And plenty more. Spent an hour or so walking round town, and took loads of photos, despite the cold rain. Given the cold weather it seems appropriate to add a bit of the Mediterranean, and bring a bit of sunshine to Accrington. It is the shapes, not the colour that will inspire each picture.