Friday, 9 November 2012

Video tour of studio

Been a long time since last posting.
Having discovered how to use the movie setting on my camera, and then how to convert it into a format I can put online, I thought the best way to show my studio and my work was in a short video.#

I have been busy on some new ideas, so will probably use video in future. It would be good if exhibitions accepted vide, as I think in conjunction with a proper photo, it shows off my work better.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Latest artwork - local inspiration

Just 3 new pictures all based on local scenes. A customer asked if I could do something non French so I found a picture of Oswaldtwistle Civic Theatre
I then looked around and using an existing mould created a new version of part of Accrington market hall
On canvas of 40cm by 30cm for both of above.

I have been wanting to do something based on the Victorian Arcade with its superb doors and windows so started with this. This cancas is 40cm by 50cm.
I am working on some more, I enjoy working with different colours, wasn't ready before now am up for the challenge. aim is to concentrate more on local places for local people. 
Thanks for that customer suggesting idea, but wish they would come back and see the result

Friday, 8 June 2012

New exhibition on the Balcony

Spent all day on Thursday 7th June, jhelping rebuild art boards and putting up pictures. Tiring, har work but worth while.
Took some photos on the following day to give an impression of how they look in this superb building.

The theme as to do with in and around Accrington and East Lancashire.
Couple of photos of my attempt at something even bigger using 4 pictures, based on local theme, but too big to display on the art boards
Still experimenting with ideas. Got to come up with something for the Hawort Open, and also trying something to put forward for the Bell Corridor.
Printing off some pictures on greeting cards. using the excellent printer in the market hall. Maybe not long lasting art print quality but look excellent.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Fit for a Queen

In time for the Queen's visit to Accrington, I have expanded into a bigger unit in Accrington market. The old unit was nice, but I had (over) filled it, and it as not possible to work properly.
The move was only to next door unit, W6 which is twice as big.

This gives me two distinctive sections.
1 - the display/cafe area, which is nice and open(for the time being)

2 - Workshop, more functional, and probably cluttered section
Unfortunate it is not expected that the Queen will walk past, as the balconies are not really big enough for all the people, and there will be invited guests there on the day. Hopefully I shall be up there as well.
I am also hoping that with all the media attention, the visit will be good for both Accrington and Recreation21.

With all the events going on this summeer, I have moved away from my French themed work, and found inspiration in the Union Jack, and combined it with something that made Accrington famous, namely bicks. I have created various art pieces with this combined theme.These are  initially for the Jubilee exhibition, but using my 'postcard' sized mould have created a Union Jack mould. This has been overlaid with a brick pattern, both horozontal and vertical, to create Accrington Jacks, which are to be sold in the unit. It is also planned to produce some in conjunction with the new Hyndburn museum, to help them raise funds.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Summer has arrived

Now that the clocks have gone forward and the weather is a lot better, Summer is on the way.
It has certainly warmed up in the market, and at least the lift is working(for now).
Last Saturday was fun, with a few more people looking round and prepared to have a chat. Hopefully I might have sold some work.
The weekend before I was exhibiting at a model railway exhibition in Middleton, near Rochdale. The venue was an old mill building(Warwick Mill) used as a well supported community centre. The atmosphere was superb, and very positive. This was even more remarkable considering the area is one of the most run down in the UK, and the worst place to try and find a local job. The town is also where Mary Portas is doing her latest TV project to bring jobs back to the UK. Part of the TV program had been filmed in the community centre,  It was very inspiring, so much so that when it dawned on me that the mill was built using Accrington Nori brick, I decided to create a new piece of artwork based on the windows and brick in the building. I started on the moulds whilst at the exhibition.
I have finished my 2 pieces of artwork for the Golden Jubilee exhibition, and am orking on some other local inspired pieces.
I am trying to promote Accrington market as a place for artists to work. There really would then be ART in AccRingTon mARkeT. Middleton showed me that an area more deprived than Accrington can pull together and do something itself, then it can be done in Accrington. Not only is there too much apathy here, but there is very poor communication, with respect to what is being planned. The two are linked, and enforces the notion of them and us, which seems to permeate through out local groups, including those being paid to look after the area.
An exception to this poor community spirit is the artists network set uop by the Haworth Gallery. Even with their hands tied, and having to abide by the same restrictions as other parts of the local council, they have bridged large gaps and are actually getting somewhere. I urge anyone interested, not only to visit Accrington Market but also the Haworth Gallery.
I have started having some of my artwork printed as postcards. I have found a way of slightly modifying the photos to make the image look more 3D, and will also use this technique to send images for potential exhibitions.
Here is one of my modified pictures, one that was originally submitted for the Show me the Monet TV series, but rejected. When I looked at the artwork after it as rejected, I was a bit disappointed but also pleased to realise I could make it better before it was seen in public.
There is a Facebook campaign(Show Me the Rejects) to promote all those pictures rejected and hopefully a real exhibition will be organised .

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Nearly another month gone!!

I was never any good at keeping a diary, and I don't seem to be much better maintaining this blog.
Can't put it off again.
Attended Haworth Artists Network meeting today up at the Haworth Gallery. There is a new exhibition starting so it was a chance to catch up on that.
The meeting went OK, with some positive ideas. I tried to push Accrington Market as a place to have an artist studio. Still seem to be lots of people unaware, but I would like to see it filled with artists. Costs are about on a par with other studio space, with the advantage of it being accessable by the public. It also works with the Haworth Gallery, acting as an aditional art gallery for the Haworth.
Lots of exhibitions planned for next 12 months. I should dig out the list and start promoting them here, but in the mean time anyone reading this, please visit the Haworth Gallery, but check out when it is open, and come into Accrington Market and vist upstairs. I am there most days, except Sundays and Wednesdays. I might start being there more often, if it attacts more people. Accrington is no longer an art blackspot. It is a very inspirational place to live and work.
I must sort out some pictures to post.
I visited France at start of February, possibly the coldest I have known it. Next Winter I am not going unless I have wood burning stoves in the house.
Just look at the frozen water on the fountain in Paradou in Provence near to where my brother lives.
According to my brother the temperature went down to minus 15. Fortunately in my house in St Pons, the temperature inside did not record less than zero. We had no snow but just up in the mountains there was some. The roads were clear luckily because of the amount of local road traffic on main roads.

Not going down till after Easter, so hopefully it will be warmer then.
Must get on with my artwork. Space is limited in studio, so started doing some of the small postcard sized mouldings for my model railways. I have selected more British looking ones, whch I hope can be sold to other model makers. I have even used a different colour on the demo models(ie NOT blue for doors)