Wednesday, 22 April 2015

My bricks at Churchfield

The second exhibition I am in at the moment. This is at Churchfield House i Great Harwood.
The theme is 'Locality' so a good chance to show off my Nori brick inspired work
Here are some real bricks, various types, from local allotment!
And my paper brick display, Another Brick in the War(shortlisted for RA 2014) and Pals of Bricks

The main piece is again WW1 commemoration inspired, and uses 100 of my paper bricks, called Wall of Words. Uses old newspaper, and estimate contains 10 million words
Each brick has the word 'FREEDOM' imprinted into it. Something we take for granted for us , but freedom of speech is also very important. hence the link back to newspapers.
Must not forget that I was originally inspired to create my paper bricks to celebrate one one Accrington's greats, the NORI brick, when the factory was (temporarily) closed down. Now they are back in production, a display from the company is part of the exhibition.
And finally, I produced a paper brick with Churchfield House imprinted.

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