Monday, 11 July 2011

A new day, a new week, 11 July 2011

I intend to post something about new art work when it is being worked on.
Over past 4 weeks I have completed more than over past couple of years.
Mostly small postcard based, but start with one I did 5 years ago for 90th anniversary of Battle of the Somme

 This was created my making enlarging an image of the Accrington Pals East Lancashire Regiment, and tracing it onto some soft display board, and indenting the image using a blunt tool. An attempt to represent stone. Anyway it was my tribute 5 years ago. 
Now for the present
I mentioned that the exhibition at the Haworth in the Bell corridor led me to some new ideas, mounting a moulded paper plaque on a picture backboard.
Here are some examples

These single one are on sale for £21 each
I also experimented with double sized ones, here

These are priced at £30 each

The basic postcards are approximately 6in by 4in, but I thought why not try using some bigger mouldings, based on 12in by 8in approximately.
I recreated the garage doors in the bigger size, mounted on a larger picture frame(a bit expensive and in future I will make my own)
This is overall about 20in by 14in approximately, and I have priced this at £120.
I had previously done a similar garage door picture but more in my older style,

I had already experimented with creating a whole building by using a number of separate plaques on a bigger frame
This was an experiment but I think it works. Price around about £120.

Using the bigger plaques I created a backboard in the style of a window shutter, which makes it a bit heavy

This is 33in tall by 21in wide, and I fitted 4 plaques
I like this a lot, and the price reflects the increaed size and visial impact, £300.
I intend to either submit this or something similat for the 2011 Haworth Open.

Now for something different. I like wall clocks, and either paint them  or redecorate them in my style

I am also experimenting with various name signs, and the open/close sign is one I originally created for the One Planet shop, but has now found a home in my art workshop. I created another for Heather who also has a unit in the market.
I needed a sign to tell people when I would be back(after lunch) here
This has aenough numbers to cope with more than I need. Lunch time is never that long, but just in case I need to go out at other times.
I am currently working on a calendar, to display current day and month. This requires 21 individual numbers, so will have to see if it works. Storing the spare numbers is the real problem.
Enough for one day(well actually 4 weeks work!)

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