Sunday, 10 July 2011

New art workshop in Accrington market hall

On 13th June 2011, I moved into W7 a unit in Accrington indoor market, upstairs on the balcony. This has given me both space to work and show off my art work.
It followed on from as part of local art group Cotton Brick, I exhibited some of my work in an exhibition in the market.
An exhibition at Haworth Gallery, challenged me to create some artwork postcard sized, but after creating some moulds to produce the basic art piece, the rules were changed to A5 size. Initially this concerned me, but then I decided to mount my moulded pieces onto the A5 sized backing piece from some photo frames. This meant that not only could the artwork be wall mounted but also could be placed on a shelf or desk. This one simple idea has changed my approach to my art .

I intend to update this blog with anything new I create. I intended to start earlier, but just been too busy.
To start here are some pictures of the art workshop.

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